Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Meehan Sends Notices Of Libel

As the NHLPA carries on after the mess created when they fell apart during the lockout and caved to ownership demands, there is plenty of mess to clean up. The NHLPA folded when several players and agents made it clear they were willing to play under conditions Bob Goodenow was rejecting. This led to Ted Saskin replacing Bob Goodenow as NHLPA head. One person who has publically been outed as a leader of the movement to undermine the NHLPA is player agent Don Meehan. Chris Chelios of the Detroit Red Wings, who was one of the leaders of the movement to remove Saskin has publically accused Meehan of this and suggested that he might lose his ability to be a player agent in the NHL. Meehan is striking back by issuing notices of libel to Chelios and several media outlets who printed the story. The history of the NHLPA remains complicated as they are still trying to sort out what happened during the 2005 lockout.

Here is TSN's story about the libel notices.

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