Thursday, March 08, 2007

Ted Saskin in Jeopardy

Ted Saskin was brought in as NHLPA head under questionable circumstances when Bob Goodenow was forced into resignation. He led the players to accept a new CBA that favored the owners. Although the NHLPA members, in general, shun politics there has been a small group actively challenging the Saskin hiring. It looks like the end is near for Ted Saskin. There are allegations that Saskin has misused NHLPA funds and spied on players and player agents email in an effort to maintain power. This all appears consistent with the way Saskin has attempted to consolidate power. It appears that Saskin has been more interested in gaining the position of NHLPA head for the power and control that comes with it rather than to do something good for the NHLPA.

Likely a new NHLPA head will come along soon to replace Ted Saskin. When one looks at the history of the NHLPA, two of the three NHLPA bosses (Eagleson and Saskin) are likely to be forced from the position due to legal improprieties. That leaves Bob Goodenow by default the best NHLPA head ever by a large margin. It also shows just how weak the NHLPA is as a union if the majority of its leaders have been corrupt.

Scary that Goodenow is the least corrupt....great little blog....come check out Got some good stuff there.

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