Thursday, July 28, 2005

Bob Goodenow Resigns

The big hockey news today is Bob Goodenow announcing his resignation from his position as leader of the National Hockey League Player's Association. TSN's story is here. This comes as no suprise, Goodenow is hardly leading the union anymore as the union voted by over 80% to accept a CBA that Goodneow himself did not endorse. Whether or not Goodenow saw the writing on the wall and was fed up with the situation and left or he was asked to leave or both is unclear.

Bob Goodenow is the best NHLPA head in the history of the union - although that isn't really that high praise - it only means he didn't steal from the players like Alan Eagleson did. Goodenow did very well bringing the players a large piece of the NHL pie. The players should be thankful for his time in charge. The players gave a significant portion of it back in the new CBA - although it is still unclear exactly how much.

Ted Saskin will take over as the NHLPA head.

Times have changed. Its not clear that the NHLPA should still exist. Maybe the players would do better negotiating individually without an NHLPA as the NHLPA has served to protect the owners at expence of the players in this new CBA. If labor problems continue, that may become a reality in the future.

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