Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Dallas Stars: From Hot To Cold In Time For The Playoffs

In February, the Dallas Stars were the hottest team in the NHL. They went on a streak when they won thirteen of fifteen games and rocketed to first place in the Pacific Division. Since March started, their fortunes have changed. Dallas had the worst record in the NHL in March. They went 2-9 (with two losses counted as regulation ties). Their six points in March was the least of any team in the league. They have gone from a team that looked like a powerhouse that would be hard to stop in the playoffs to one that looks like first round playoff fodder. Star defenceman Sergei Zubov is having troubles returning from a foot/ groin injury and might be out the beginning of the playoffs. Things do not look good in Dallas.

It looks bad, but there are signs that a recovery is underway.

Phillip Boucher, a stud defenseman in his own right, is back to playing a regular shift with no apparent hitch from either of his shoulders.

Plus they have standings points in their three most recent games (win vs Kings, OT loss to Sharks and shootout loss to Ducks).

Is the recovery in time? We'll see. I doubt it. Going into the playoffs with no confidence just sounds like a recipe for disaster.

However, if the Stars can go suddenly to hot, and then suddenly to cold, maybe they have a capacity for flipping the "switch."

I do know this though. If the Stars don't make it out of the first round, Dave Tippett won't likely survive. So much for Adams consideration.
I think the Sens' downward spiral is even more surprising!
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