Saturday, May 26, 2007

Stanley Cup Finals Prediction

So far this post-season I have done alarmingly well in my predictions having picked 13 out of 14 series correctly. Here are my first round, second round and third round predictions. The biggest shock of the playoffs is how predictable they have been. In a good year, I would normally get 10 or 11 series right and be very happy. In a bad year (like last year) I might get more series wrong then I get right. This year I am guaranteed to get 13 or 14 series right. The playoffs so far have been inexplicably predictable. Only one series (Vancouver and Dallas) has gone all seven games. All others were decided before that point.

Onto my final prediction:

Anaheim Ducks defeat Ottawa Senators I see Anaheim as the only team in the NHL that is potentially elite. Ottawa is not elite. They are lacking a top goalie and a few Hall of Fame track stars. I think the difference in goal (J.S. Giguere is quite a bit better than Ray Emery) could be a deciding point. Ottawa is a solid contender but I don't think they have what it takes to be a strong Stanley Cup winner. That said, anything can happen in a short series. It should be a fun one to watch.

Would be fun though if your predictions fell apart and Sens win. You know sometimes surprises do happen!!! This might be one just waiting to happen, elite team or not.

Its amazing that you would consider a 13-2 playoff success rate with my predictions "falling apart". That would be the best I have ever done in playoff predictions in my life.

Just by fluke alone I think I should doing worse than that. The best team does not always win. I think that unpredictable fluky wins by weaker teams should occur more than once or twice in a normal playoff and yet they havent this year - at least not yet.

The biggest point I am taking from these playoffs no matter who wins in the finals is that it is a fluke that I make as many correct predictions as I did.

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