Friday, June 02, 2006

One Last (Awful?) Prediction

In this playoff year of parity (or is it mediocrity) , my predictions have had essentially the same success as a coin toss. Here are my first round, second round and third round predictions. They have a wonderful 6-8 record so far. So even if I get the final correct, a fair coin (or a monkey) would likely beat me.

In the finals, I will predict Carolina defeats Edmonton . Edmonton has momentum with a hockey crazy city behind them, but momentum can be fleeting. I think Carolina has looked like the better team this season. Eric Staal and Rod Brind'Amour give them an incredible one two punch at center.

As we have seen, anything can happen in one round. Whichever team wins will not go down in history as a strong champion. If we cannot see any great teams can we at least see some good exciting games? Here's hoping.

I hope the monkey picks Carolina because whenever I have agreed with you, my team has lost. I would like to see Recchi and Brind'amour win the Cup. I have cheered for them as a Pittsburgh and Philadelphia fan.

Of course, I wanted Philadelphia to win it all, but because you picked them, they lost. (I will just for now ignore the fact that the team was decimated by injuries and that half the team will undergo surgery this off-season.) After the Flyers were eliminated, I latched onto Anaheim because Teemu Selanne is one of my favorite players, and if the Flyers weren't going to win, I wanted Teemu to win the Cup. They won as long as you didn't pick them, but once you picked Anaheim, of course, they went on to lose.

Someone, somewhere in Edmonton is thanking their lucky stars you picked Carolina because, so far as Edmonton goes, that means Edmonton will win. You have picked them to lose every single time, and they have beaten your predictions. (Frankly, I am just as amazed as you are, so I have no recourse but to believe you have bad mojo against the teams you pick.)

So here's praying that TSN monkey picks Carolina because your predictions are like curses on the teams I want to win. (I am performing counterhexes even as I type this.) If she picks Edmonton, all is lost. Oh, the humanity!
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