Friday, March 09, 2007

Chris Simon Suspended Indefinitiely

Chris Simon of the New York Islanders has been suspended indefinitely after Thursday night's vicious slash on Ryan Hollweg of the New York Rangers. Hollweg had hit Simon into the boards and Simon retaliated by swinging his stick like a baseball bat at Hollweg's face. Simon was given a match penalty for his attempt to injure and has now been suspended indefinitely. The Rangers beat the Islanders 2-1 on a goal scored on the power play when Petr Prucha scored during Simon's penalty.

It's easy for the NHL to make an example of Chris Simon. He is a 35 year old goon who hasn't exceeded 30 points in a season since 2001/2002. His career might be over at the end of this season even without a suspension. He will likely be similar to Marty McSorely in that an indefinite suspension will end his NHL career. It is much easier this way then with Todd Bertuzzi who remained a sought after NHL player and had to eventually be reinstated and the lawsuits Steve Moore has filed.

Its easy to take a stand when the player being punished does not fit into the longterm plans of any NHL team. Would the reaction be the same if it was a hot young star in Chris Simon's place?

NOTE: The suspensionb length has been annnounced. Simon is suspended for 25 games minimum. That is the 15 games that remain this season plus all playoff games the Islanders play this year. Should the Isles fail to play 10 playoff games the suspension continues into next season. Here is the TSN story.

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