Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Even More Moore

It is the day before the second anniversary of Todd Bertuzzi's attack on Steve Moore. There is a two year statute of limitations for filing a civil suit in British Columbia. So Steve Moore has filed a writ against Bertuzzi seeking general, special and punative damages. No dollar amount is known yet. This case is "just in case" his other cases are not fruitful.

Moore already has a lawsuit pending in Ontario court for the same issue. He has already had a lawsuit in Colorado thrown out due to lack of jurisdiction over the Canadian Todd Bertuzzi or the Canadian team the Vancouver Canucks.

It looks like this will be the end of Moore's jurisdiction shopping. I don't think there is anywhere else he can file suit. Likely, the Ontario case will get thrown out due to lack of jurisdiction (especially given a potential BC case).

While Moore does deserve some compensation for the way his career was ended, he will not likely be close to the multimillion dollar amount that he is asking for.

Here is the TSN story on this issue.

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