Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Blue Jackets Make Easy Changes Instead Of Fixing Problem

One of the most poorly run franchises in hockey in the last few years has been the Columbus Blue Jackets. They expanded in 2000 and as of yet have never made the playoffs. They have never really had a stretch drive where they almost made the playoffs. The only constant with the Blue Jackets is GM Doug MacLean. MacLean talks very well and has most of the Columbus hockey fans quite loyal to him despite the fact he hasn't produced any results. Again this season, Columbus is not off to a good start. They currently sit 14th (second last) in the West Conference. Again, they look to miss the playoffs and not even be in the race in the last few weeks. So naturally, the move they announced is the firing of coach Gerard Gallant and hiring of Gary Agnew as his replacement. Agnew will be the fourth coach in the Blue Jackets history (Dave King, MacLean himself and Gallant preceeded him). None have been able to coach this team to success. Could that be because they have never had very good players and they have never had a coherent plan to obtain these players? Wouldn't that be the GM's fault? Shouldn't they fire Doug MacLean instead?

I expect to ask that question again next year when Gary Agnew gets relieved of the coaching duties and Doug MacLean hires somebody else.

Here is TSN's story about the Gallant firing and here is their story about Agnew's hiring.

NOTE: Looks like Gary Agnew really is an interim coach (I was expecting it was a situation where temporary quickly becomes permanent). Columbus is interviewing Ken Hitchcock about their coaching position. Here is TSN's account. This goes to show how shortsighted Philadelphia was with his firing. You don't fire somebody if he suddenly becomes the top candidate to fill a coaching vacancy - it means he is the best coach available and you let him go for nothing.

MacLean is indeed one of the worst GM's in the league. His most recent screw-ups include:

- Acquiring Federov's bloated contract.

- Losing F. Beauchemin to the Sharks in the above deal.

- Siging Carter for 2.5 million in the offseason when his team desperately needs defensemen.

- Dealing Denis. For ANOTHER forward.


No doubt he's next on the chopping block in Columbus. I doubt whatever coach they get will be able to right that ship.
Getting rid of MacLean would be the first step in the right direction, one that would please an increasing number of disgruntled fans in Columbus.

It's disheartening to see what he's doing to our hockey team.
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