Sunday, October 22, 2006

Flyers Desperate

Its still very early in the season, but one suprise is the Philadelphia Flyers are in last place. Some (including me) picked them to win the Atlantic Division.

Its true they had a bad stretch, but I still would expect things to turn around soon. The team has too many good players to be this bad.

Instead of being patient, the Flyers made some desperate bad moves. Ken Hitchcock is one of the best coaches in hockey. They fired him. Bobby Clarke is a great GM when it comes to finding talent (and not quite so great when it comes to interpersonal skills). They had him resign. Paul Holmgren takes over as GM. John Stevens takes over as coach. Bopth look like backward steps for the franchise. You should keep a coach or GM if they are better than their available replacements.

I'm sure when all is said and done, the Flyers will finish much better than their current standing but its not due to these moves. Its because they were not as bad a team as they looked over the first couple weeks of a long season.

Here is TSN's story on these Flyer moves.

I disagree. Ken Hitchcock is a very good coach, but with the retirement of Primeau he lost his biggest supporter on the team. He couldn’t motivate the team and he lost them.

Clarke has been GM for 13 years without bringing a cup to Philly. Everything he has done was to make the team better and so far it hasn’t worked.

Stevens coached the Flyers AHL team to the Calder Cup Championship in 2005. Many of those guys are with the Flyers now.

Sometimes it’s not getting a better coach or GM, but getting a different one, new blood, a better fit for the team. Sometimes change itself is good.
Everyone has picked the Flyers to win everything for the last 12 years. They never did anything. Even in 1997, they just quit after the third round.

The common denominator was Clarke.
The Flyewrs have been one of the best teams in the NHL for many years. Clarke built that. Their success hasn't paid off in a cup but they have had considerable success.

Hitchcock is one of the best coaches in hockey. If I had a coaching opening I would try to hire Hitchcock. He's the best guy available. You don't fire your coach when he suddenly becomes the best available coach for the next coaching opening.
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