Friday, May 12, 2006

Top Playoff Even Strength Scorers

These playoffs have an special teams play. It looks as though the penalty rate is being manipulated to maintain a high scoring rate. So who is scoring at even strength? Its a suprising group of players.

Here are the top ten even strength scorers so far in the playoffs
Name Team Games Played Even Strength Goals Even Strength Assists Even Strength Points Total Points
Daniel BriereBuf1035813
Todd MarchantAna112688
Joffrey LupulAna116178
Martin HavlatOtt943712
Joe SakicCol93479
Jean-Pierre DumontBuf1034710
Jamie LangenbrunnerNJ725712
Andrew BrunetteCol92579
Derek RoyBuf102579
Chris KunitzAna112577

This is a suprising group of players. Those that remain in the playoffs should be given more power play time by their teams since they are clearly producing. Their scoring may rise if they get that chance.

It is interesting to compare with the top even strength scorers at approximately the same number of games into the regular season. The top even strength scorers have less points in the playoffs then the same group did in the regular season. There is less scoring at even strength in the playoffs - due in part to more dependence upon power play scoring.

Dude, Marchant plays for the Ducks, not the 'Canes.
Also, it should be noted that we are looking at a smaller pool of players playing a smaller pool of games against (generally) a more elite competition.

The comparative numbers don't seem that out of whack.
There is clearly truth to your criticisms.

This isn't enough of a serious study to truly show if even strength scoring is less important in the playoffs. More than anything I offered it up because I had the regular season numbers available. It is interesting that people like Elias and Spezza who are among the playoff leading scorers are doing it on the power play while other less heralded guys are doing it at even strength.

It is interesting to note one of your two criticisms. In the playoffs there is generally a more elite competition. A more elite competition will tend to reduce scoring. So the "complaints" that scoring was too low in the "old NHL" were due in part to the fact that competition throughout the league was "too elite".
Havlat plays for Ottawa, not Pittsburgh....and Pittsburgh isn't even in the playoffs.

He's good, but he's not good enough to score when his team isn't playing... let alone score for another team that isn't playing. :)
As you might guess, I used the table from the regular season as a starting point for the playoff one and just put in the playoff guys and their numbers.

I missed changing a couple team affiliations I guess
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