Thursday, October 27, 2005

Even Strength Scoring

As I noted in my last post, scoring on the power play is significantly increased in the "new" NHL. Likely, as the season progresses, the number of penalty calls will decrease, so it may be useful to "poolies" to look at who is scoring at even strength (which is becoming a dying thing). My theory is that even strength scoring is more "safe" since it is not as dependant upon the referees calling an excessive amount of penalties. Also, in the short term it may be a way to identify players who are scoring well but in some cases have not yet earned a spot on their team's power play.

Here are the top ten even strength scorers so far this year
Name Team Games Played Even Strength Goals Even Strength Assists Even Strength Points Total Points
Vaclav ProspalTam10651112
Eric StaalCar9561115
PJ AxelssonBos1136910
Simon GagnePhi762811
Vincent LeCavalierTam1053812
Craig ConroyLA103589
Henrik ZetterbergDet1035813
Steve EmingerWas102689
Sidney CrosbyPit917812
Peter ForsbergPhi708812

This list is quite different from the current NHL top scorers list.

I'm splitting hairs here, but Staal spells his first name with a c. E-R-I-C. Our other "eric", Cole, is the one who spells his E-R-I-K.
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