Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Brodeur Dominant In Early Playoffs

The various first round playoff series are only two and three agems old so far and there is plenty of room for significant showings from teams and players that have so far not been very dominant. So far, the best team in the playoffs has been the New Jersey Devils. They have outplayed the New York Rangers by a large margin. Given that Jaromir Jagr is hurt, it will be very hard for the Rangers to come back from their 0-2 deficit. I have already written about the huge game one that Patrik Elias had where he scored six points. As good as he played, he hasn't been the most dominant player in the playoffs so far. That honor goes to New Jersey goalie Martin Brodeur. Brodeur has a fabulous 1.01 goals against average and a .964 saves percentage. Both are playoff leading numbers. Brodeur has played several dominant playoffs in the past winning three Stanley Cups so far in his career. If he can continue to play at this level, he may be on the verge of another.

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