Monday, April 24, 2006

Elias: The Early Playoff Star

Patrik Elias missed the first half of the season as he recovered from a case of hepatitis that he contracted during the lockout year. He made a great comeback and must be considered a front runner for the Masterton trophy for perseverence and dedication to hockey. His story is getting even better. He had a brilliant game in Saturday's 6-1 Devils win in game one versus the Rangers. He scored two goals and goat 4 assists and currently leads the NHL in points despite the fact that half the NHL players have two games played and he only has one. If somebody manages a game like Elias had in the Stanley Cup finals, it would be a historic event that would be retold for years to come in the future. It would be a game that would go a long way to cement the legend of Patrik Elias the superstar.

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