Monday, March 06, 2006

Tkachuk Hot For The Stretch

Th St Louis Blues have had an awful season. Their string of playoff berths that runs back to 1979/80 is going to end this season. Their ownership has given up on them. They currently sit in last place in the West Conference. Their most talented player is clearly Keith Tkachuk. He had an awful start to the season. He was publically berated by St Louis management when he came to training camp overweight. This lead to a few jokes at his expense in the blogosphere, such as this one. When his season began, he had some injury problems. He has missed 40 games so far this year with a groin strain, broken ribs and a broken right hand. He has been back in the lineup and healthy and playing well since the beginning of February.

So far, Keith Tkachuk has the fourth best points per game in the NHL this season. He has 27 points in 19 games played. Only Jaromir Jagr, Joe Thornton and Peter Forsberg have a better points per game.

A player who is playing as well as Tkachuk could be a huge addition for a contending team in the stretch run. If he is traded at the trade deadline, it could be a move that significantly affects the playoffs. It might make sense for the St Louis Blues as they try to rebuild to trade him. It might be hard to complete this trade because Tkachuk has a no trade clause in his contract that he must waive in order to be moved.

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