Saturday, October 08, 2005

Free Agent Signings And Trades for the Last Few Days

In my Thursday free agent post, I concluded that move might wind down now that the season is here. That is not so. Teams are still making their final tweaks to their rosters.

Atlanta finally resigned Ilya Kovalchuk, which is an extremely important thing for their franchise. TSN's story is here.

Columbus traded Geoff Sanderson and Tim Jackman to Phoenix for Cale Hulse, Mike Rupp and Jason Chimera. TSN's story is here. Trades like this will be few and far between. They are hard to do in the salary capped environment. Geoff Sanderson is the biggest name in this deal, but how much does he have left? I think he will be a 3rd line forward at best. Mike Rupp or Jason Chimera in a best case scenario will do as well as Sanderson. I think this deal will have little significance. Phoenix hopes Sanderson still has something left, if he doesn't Columbus gets the best in this deal.

Detroit resigns Jason Woolley. TSN's story is here.

In another minor trade, Vancouver traded Fedor Fedorov to the New York Rangers for Josef Balej and a 2006 5th round draft pick. TSN's story is here. Both players have been enigmatic, in that they have been unable to translate their skills into NHL success. It wouldn't suprise me if in a year or two both have given up on their NHL chances and returned to Europe for good.

Edmonton signed Robbie Schremp to an entry level contract. TSN's story is here.

I think the final roster tweaks are mostly done. When they are completed, teams will play a few games with the rosters they have before attempting future moves. The salary cap limits many teams options, thus there will be few trades of any significance.

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