Thursday, October 06, 2005

Waiver Claims and Trades for the Last Few Days

Hockey season is underway. Last night, there were too many games to keep up with all of them, but also not enough games to show any meaningful trends yet this season. Teams have been making the final tweaks to their rosters since my last free agent post there have been no free agent signings of note, but several waiver claims and minor trades.

Ottawa acquired Filip Novak from Florida for future considerations. TSN's story is here. Novak is still a young defenceman who will provide depth in Ottawa. Initially, he was sent to the minors, but he could be a useful part this year. In Florida, Mike Keenan likes to trade players that he doesn't like for minimal return. Ottawa has the chance to potentially benefit from this deal.

Washington claims Brent Johnson on waivers from Vancouver. TSN's story is here. Johnson should be a good backup goalie in Washington. I think this move means Maxime Ouellet is no longer considered a serious prospect goalie for the Caps.

Minnesota claims Randy Robitaille on waivers from Nashville. TSN's story is here. Robitaille is a hard working forechecker who should fit in well as a depth forward in the Minnesota Wild system.

Chicago traded Milan Bartovic to Buffalo for Michael Leighton. TSN's story is here. Both of these players should begin their seasons in the AHL. Buffalo has too many goalies with Ryan Miller, Martin Biron and Mika Noronen ahead of Leighton. I think Chicago comes out ahead in this trade merely because there is a better chance that Bartovic will get some NHL play this year, though likely he won't have much of an impact.

Columbus claims Andy Delmore on waivers from Detroit. TSN's story is here. Delmore has been an awful defender recently, but a few years ago was quite a valuable player for Nashville. Columbus hopes he can recover his career.

Likely, there will not be many trades during this season, because the salary cap is one more constraint to make trades even harder to complete. If there are lots of moves, I will write about them. If they rarely happen, then I will write about other things.

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