Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Free Agent Signings for the Last Several Days

Since my last free agent post, training camp is now in full swing. Teams are signing holdouts, unsigned players who earned contracts with stellar play and last minute additions to their roster.

Detroit finally resigned Pavel Datsyuk, after he threatened to play in Russia. TSN's story is here. Also, Detroit signed Mikael Samuelsson from Florida. TSN's story is here. Samuelsson has some potential and may be a late bloomer who plays a suprisingly important role for them.

Atlanta signed Peter Bondra from Ottawa. TSN's story is here. He should play a significant role on the first couple of lines. He is no longer capable of playing a starring offensive role on any team.

Ottawa resigned Charlie Stephens and signed Joe Cullen from Edmonton. TSN's story is here. Both should be AHL players who provide depth.

There will likely be a few more unsigned draft picks getting deals as training camp starts to wind up.

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