Friday, September 16, 2005

Free Agent Signings for the Last Few Days

Since my last free agent post, training camp has begun. Signings are holdout players and guys who came to training camp without contracts who have since earned them and last minute additions to the roster.

Boston resigned Andrew Raycroft. TSN's story is here. A couple daysw earlier, Boston resigned Tim Thomas. TSN's story is here.

Ottawa signed Jeff Glass to an entry level contract. TSN's story is here.

Philadelphia signed Brian Savage from Phoenix. TSN's story is here. He should be a depth player in Philadelphia.

Colorado signed Wojtek Wolski to an entry level contract. TSN's story is here.

Edmonton resigned Ryan Smyth. TSN's story is here.

There will be more signings as training camp continues when still unsigned players earn new contracts and when holdouts sign.

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