Friday, September 12, 2008

NHLPA Sues Over Pensions

One of the longstanding fights between the NHL and NHLPA has been over pensions. This has been a constant battle throughout the NHLPA history. In the Alan Eagleson days of the NHLPA, most gains made by the union were in terms of pension benefits which Eagleson himself skimmed money from. These were promised benefits that were often never delivered. Eagleson often claimed that the NHL had the best pension plan among pro sports leagues, but in reality longtime NHL players only received a few hundred dollars per month. The money Eagleson (the first boss of the NHLPA) skimmed from this and other sources led to his arrest and disgrace.

It appears that these problems have never been fully fixed. The NHLPA is claiming that death benefits for players who played in the NHL prior to July 1st, 1986 are not being paid as promised. A lawsuit has been filed in Ontario Superior Court on this issue. This is an important case for the NHLPA to fix in order to show their value to the players.

Here is the TSN story on this lawsuit.

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