Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Stanley Cup Finals Prediction

So far in the playoffs, I have a 9-5 record in my predictions. My two correct predictions in the semi-finals have clinched the fact that I will have an above .500 record in my 2008 playoff predictions. Here are my second round predictions and here are my first round predictions.

The finals will be the Detroit Red Wings against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Here is my prediction:

Detroit Red Wings defeat Pittsburgh Penguins. Detroit has been the class of the NHL this year. They won the President's Trophy and have the best team in the league. Pittsburgh is a good team also, but they are likely a few years away from being a great team, if they can stay together long enough. When Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin hit their respective primes watch out for them. This is especially true if they can get an elite goalie by then. Detroit has more depth of talent and better defence than Pittsburgh and those should be the main differences in the series.

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