Saturday, April 05, 2008

Forsberg Still Has It

Peter Forsberg of the Colorado Avalanche missed most of the season with a sabbatical from the NHL which was done in part to rehab his foot and ankle problems. While he has been back in the NHL since the beginning of March, he has missed seven games and played eight since his return. Forsberg clearly has the playoffs in mind as his goal. The regular season is merely a tune up to get ready. As long as Colorado makes the playoffs, there is no particular need to take it seriously (despite what the NHL would like).

Forsberg has played very well when he has played. He has eleven points in eight games played. This is effectively the same per game scoring rate that Alexander Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals has this season (where Ovechkin leads the NHL is scoring). In the last few games, Forsberg has caught fire lately. He has eight points in his last three games. Forsberg should play very well in the playoffs. The question is how far can Colorado go in the playoffs. They are in the bottom half of the West Conference and should face a team that is stronger than they are and thus might drop out after the first round.

While it's obvious that he "still has it" , I can't say that I like the way he did it; he got to sit out the hard part of the regular season, and gets a free ride to the playoffs, while some likely younger player, who toiled for 6 months has to sit back and let Mr. Big Shot step in and take his place.
I have to somewhat agree with the comment above....While I agree Forsberg is a good player, would it not be fair to let the person who did the work be the one to go on? I know he had to recoop and all, but if he didnt play for the best part of the regular season then he should just wait his turn. The emphasis is on winning the cup I realise this, and having the best players on the team on the ice is key, but just because he is a big shot doesnt mean he should be givin priority right?
You may as well complain about Selanne and Niedermayer.
Mojo Tooth said...
You may as well complain about Selanne and Niedermayer.

True, but, they didnt wait til the last minute , then choose a playoff bound team as Forsberg did.

Just for the rcord, if the season ended the day Forsberg signed in Colorado, the Avs would have been 9th in the west and missed the playoffs.
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