Thursday, February 14, 2008

Koules Agrees To Buy Lightning Again

Hollywood movie producer Oren Koules, known for producing the Saw movies, has agreed to buy the Tampa Bay Lightning along with his group OK Hockey. He had agreed to buy the Lightning last August with a different group of partners where he had less control. That sale fell through when Koules turned his back on his partners. Presumably the purchase price in the new deal is around the $206 million that had been negotiated last time.

It is unclear where this leaves the Tampa Bay Lightning in terms of trade deadline deals. Tampa is expected to sell players, since they are not in the race for a playoff berth. Will the potential new ownership have any say in any potential deals?

Koules has shown that he is willing to abandon his partners in order to get a better deal for himself. This does not bode well for his being a trustworthy owner at the NHL level. Of course, this does make him a typical NHL owner. One doesn't get rich enough to buy an NHL team without making a few deals that show a lack of ethics and trustworthiness. I suppose the past failed attempt to buy the Lightning shows Koules to be a typical NHL owner. I just wish that it wasn't the case. I wish the NHL owners were a more trustworthy bunch.

Here is TSN's story on the potential sale.

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