Monday, February 11, 2008

Hockey On CNN

Something pretty significant has to happen in the NHL for hockey to get shown on CNN (either the TV channel or the website). A hockey story is up on the CNN website today.

In last nights Florida at Buffalo hockey game, Richard Zednik of the Florida Panthers was accidentally hit in the throat by teammate Olli Jokinen's skate. Zednik bled significantly and probably would have died if not for immediate medical attention. Zednik has had surgery to repair the gash in his throat and should be fine. Buffalo won the game 5-3.

Unfortunately this is the story that mainstream (outside of sports) media notices. If it bleeds it leads. It would be nice if we could have coverage of some of the more positive things going on in the NHL. It would be nice if there was a story about how well Sidney Crosby, Alexander Ovechkin or Nicklas Lidstrom are playing. It would be nice if the Stanley Cup being won got significantly more coverage than a player accidentally getting his throat cut, but it doesn't. Hockey isn't on the radar screen in much of the US unless something bad happens. The good news is this time the bad thing was an accident, unlike when Todd Bertuzzi or Marty McSorely made national news.

I wish the NHL cared as LITTLE about what the American media thinks of the NHL as I do! (This is Canada's sport, and our league (Founded in 1917 in MOTREAL), if Americans don't appreciate it the way we here in Canada do, well, THEIR LOSS! It's time to fire Bettman, bring back the classic division names (Based on the historical founders of the game), and to end all this annoying experiment of copying everything the stupid NBA does! Bring the home office back to Montreal where it belongs, bring back the old playoff system and bring more teams to Canada, not Vegas!
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