Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Worst NHL Player - Christmas Edition

I like to keep track of the player that I think is player playing the worst in the NHL who holds down a regular job. A couple weeks ago, I picked Craig Adams of the Carolina Hurricanes as that player. He is typical for a player who "earns" this honor in that he is a hard working energy player who is not one of the more highly skilled players in the NHL. He is atypical because Adams has been an NHL regular for several years and was a useful player throughout most of his past. Adams started a hot streak almost immediately after I singled him out. He scored three points in three games beyond that point. He also served a two game suspension for a high stick on Alex Steen of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Adams has had an eventful couple of weeks since I picked him as the worst player in the NHL. His successes clearly make him no longer a good choice.

My newest selection is Colton Orr of the New York Rangers. Orr is a goon who plays some rather soft minutes for the Rangers. He only averages 7:22 of ice time per game, but nevertheless the Rangers have played him in all 36 games so far. For that ice time, Orr has contributed one goal and no assists. He is -11, which is the worst on the Rangers. His only significant number is 60 penalty minutes, which leads the Rangers. Is there really a need for such a player in the NHL? He contributes little except for fights - and isn't even in the argument to be the best fighter in the NHL today - yet he is dressed every game.

I have an entirely irrational love for Colton Orr (Not that I particularly want him on my preferred team).

He once racked up 24 PIM in two games and was credited with a grand total of two seconds on the ice between those two games. Since then I've been fascinated with him and followed his career.

That's truly an amazing accomplishment.
In some twisted way I can't help but admire someone so purely dedicated to the role of an eenforcer that he can manage double digit penalty minutes while doing little more then hopping on and off the ice.
The sheer hilarity of it is beautiful.
i don't know if i'd go as far as saying that colton orr is the worst player in the NHL.

the reason he is -11 is that idiot coach tom renney plays the 4th line (hollweg-betts-orr) against the opposition's top line (ie. alfredsson-spezza-heatley or sid the kid's line).

with that said, orr is pretty bad. he can neither shoot nor skate.
Orr doesn't get enough ice time to play agaionst the opponent's number one line. His quality of competition rating on behind the net shows hew plays against roughly average opposition.
1) Our problem with Colton is not so much what he does/doesn't do on the ice, but his name, Orr.
2) Like a uniform number, certain names should be retired from the NHL. No more Howe's Orr's Gretky's, etc.
3) Especially a non talented goon type player like Orr. Force him to change his name if he wants to play! ; )
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