Friday, December 28, 2007

Top Goalie This Season

I have been picking Tim Thomas of the Boston Bruins as the best goalie in the NHL this season. Thomas remains the saves percentage leader in the league with a .932 saves percentage, but he has not been able to play nearly as many games as some of the league leaders because a groin injury kept him out for about half of December. Thomas was also not heavily played early in the season because he was not expected to be the Bruins number one goalie (early plans were for Manny Fernandez to do that). So far this year, Thomas has 22 games played. Roberto Luongo of the Vancouver Canucks has played 31 games and has a .928 saves percentage and 2.06 GAA. This makes Luongo the best in the league. He had played very well and has been more heavily relied upon by the Canucks to play almost every day than Thomas has been by Boston. This summer, I picked Luongo as the best goalie in the NHL, so his performance is not a surprise.

1) Some folks back East might argue that either Marty Brodeur(his slow start not withstanding) or Henrik Lundqvist deserve mention in any such list.
2) Like Luongo, their respective teams would be in the toilet without them!
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