Sunday, December 02, 2007

Mentioned On Hockey Night In Canada

Two weeks ago, in the post-game show on Hockey Night in Canada, Ron MacLean referenced my post on the declining Russian presence in the NHL. It was nice to get mentioned on the air, although at that time he did not mention me or my blog by name. This week, during the pre-game show Scotiabank Hockey Tonight, they had a section on blogs and bloggers. They specifically mentioned several blogs including my own. I am proud to get my name mentioned on Hockey Night In Canada, although when I was a kid I would have hoped I would have been named as a player.

Below is the Hockey Night In Canada clip.

Nice. This is indeed much nicer than the reference they made two weeks ago.
It was going to be much more difficult to get that clip off my dvr than I thought it would be. Sorry for that, but this works out better anyway.
I thought the mention of you was very well deserved. I consider this the most underrated hockey blog out there.
Yes, well deserved! Cheers!
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