Saturday, November 17, 2007

Best Forward So Far

I had been picking Henrik Zetterberg of the Detroit Red Wings as the best forward in hockey so far this season, but another forward has done so well lately that is no longer true. The best forward in hockey so far this season is Vincent LeCavalier of the Tampa Bay Lightning. Currently, he leads the NHL with 32 points and is a very respectable +9. LeCavalier is a player who was very highly by scouts when he was drafted first overall in 1998. He was the next big thing. He was going to be the NHL's next superstar. Though he was a solid contributor to his Tampa Bay team from day one, it took a while for superstardom to arrive. Last season he won the Richard Trophy for leading the NHL in goals and this season he is doing even better. LeCavalier has now lived up to his early hype and seems to be on track to have a Hall of Fame career (though he is several top seasons away from making it).

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