Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Best Defenceman Of The Early Season

The season is still young, but I have already been able to pick a best and worst player of the early season. Today, I will look at defenceman. The defenceman who jumps out as the best so far this season is Brian Campbell of the Buffalo Sabres. Offensively, he has 9 points in only 5 games. He is a +5 so far this season. Those numbers clearly standout when looking at the top defenders in the league.

Campbell is a bit of a surprise star. He was a sixth round pick in 1997. Until the lockout, he was a roll player in the NHL having never exceeded 19 points in a season. Suddenly, he scored 44 and 48 points in his two seasons after the lockout and his defensive ability has improved during that time as well. Campbell is a young enough player that if he can maintain this improvement, he could become an elite defenceman and even of a Hall of Famer, but he certainly is not there yet.

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