Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Playoff MVP So Far

Since we are well into the semi-finals there have been enough games played to make meaningful statements about who has been the MVP of the playoffs so far. On a per game basis, the most valuable players have been Roberto Luongo of the Vancouver Canucks and Marty Turco of the Dallas Stars. Both had a huge influence on the successes of their teams and played some dominant games in goal. However, both have been eliminated from the playoffs. Although other goalies are playing well (Jean-Sebastien Giguere of Anaheim and Dominik Hasek of Detroit especially) they are poor choices because they have not reached the level that Luongo and Turco did.

I think the MVP so far is Nicklas Lidstrom of Detroit. He has been a dominant defenceman. He leads Detroit in ice time so far in the playoffs and is a tower of strength on their blueline. He also leads the Red Wings in points with 17 (only one point back of the league lead).

I find that I gush about how good a player Lidstrom is relatively frequently. He should have been nominated for MVP but wasn't. He is a player who is establishing himself as one of the all time greatest defencemen to play the game and little has been written in the mainstream media to point that fact out.

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