Sunday, April 15, 2007

Early Goal Leader In The Playoffs

It's still very early in the playoffs and there is still plenty of time for players to show themselves to be stars in the 2007 playoffs, but there are a few players who are beginning to standout from the crowd. One is Jean Pierre Dumont of the Nashville Predators. He has a playoff leading four goals so far in his two playoff games. Four of Nashville's nine goals so far have been scored by Dumont. While it is unlikely that Dumont keeps up this level of scoring, Dumont is a solid player who can score while during his hot streaks.

This summer, the Buffalo Sabres walked away from his arbitration award. While Buffalo could have afforded Dumont and stayed under the salary cap, they chose not to. Because he was a free agent, Dumont signed with Nashville. It would be very interesting if Buffalo is one big scorer away from a Stanley Cup run, while Dumont is a big scorer during Nashville's run. Will the mainstream media make this connection?

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