Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Selanne Doing Well

Teemu Selanne is a 36 year old player coming off a 90 point season. It is quite reasonable to expect that he will have a good season, but he has also shown signs of decline. Last year's 90 points was his best offensive ouptut since 1998/99. Because of this, I chose to leave him out of my top 50 player list this summer (to the dismay of Earl Sleek from the Battle of California). After the month of October, when Selanne scored 8 points in his 10 games, this looked like an acceptable pick, but it doesn't anymore. Since the start of November, Selanne is the top scorer in the NHL. He has 26 points in that time. He has climbed to fifth place in the NHL scoring race. In fact, Selanne leads the lower scoring West Conference in scoring.

If Selanne keeps scoring at this rate, he will soon be contending for the scoring title in the league. Success like that would be more than enough to cement Selanne's position as a Hall of Famer.

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