Monday, December 18, 2006

Best Forward This Season

In early November, I picked Sidney Crosby as the best forward in the NHL this year but he missed some time with a groin injury. During that time, he was passed by Jaromir Jagr, but Crosby is back and was extremely hot last week, so its time to pick him as the best forward in the league again. Crosby leads the NHL in scoring with 52 points so far.

Many people (such as James Mirtle) are ready to call him the best player in the NHL. I think that is premature. I wouldn't give him the MVP so far this season. Both Chris Pronger and Nicklas Lidstrom have had stronger seasons (though on defence). Nevertheless, the NHL likes the story that the young players have taken over the "new NHL" regardless of the truth of that statement. If Crosby continues to lead the NHL in scoring and if Pittsburgh makes the playoffs, it is quite likely that Crosby wins MVP deserved or not. Right now he wouldn't deserve it. He would deserve third. Nevertheless, I have complete faith in the NHL's mythology that the young guns have taken over playing out in the post-season ballot boxes if its still a somewhat logical statement come the end of the season.

NHL awards have a history of going to players who really deserved to be in the 'top three', but rarely to the right guy.

Taking nothing away from young Crosby, but I need to see more out of him to give him the nod thus far.

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