Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Hardest Team To Outshoot

On Tuesday I called the Washington Capitals the most overrated team in part because they are often getting ranked as an average team when I think they are not very good. One reason I think they are a bad team is that they have only twice outshot their opponents this season - and not once in over a month.

It prompted me to look for the least frequently outshot team. They are the Detroit Red Wings. They have only been outshot twice all season (by Anaheim on Oct 18th and by St Louis on Oct 28th - they also tied Vancouver in shots last night). Detroit has done this with the best defence in the NHL. Detroit has the least shot allowed per game (they lead second place Dallas by better than 4 shots per game). Their goaltending has had some spectacular moments from Domink Hasek, but has for the most part been nothing too special (which prompted me to write if only they could get some goaltending - which they might get if Hasek can be healthy and play like Hasek of old).

The most frequently outshot team allows the most shots per game and the least frequently outshot team allows the least shots per game. It is that simple in the NHL (right now...). Detroit is a good team this year - contrary to some predictions. They will be hard to beat come playoff time.

BTW, I predicted Washington to finish last in the east and Detroit first in the west.
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