Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Yaroslavl Sues Calgary and Edmonton

Since Alexei Mikhnov joined the Edmonton Oilers and Andrei Taratukhin joined Calgary leaving their Yaroslavl contracts in Russia by giving two weeks notice a practise which has been found by Russian court to not be valid in pro sports, their Yaroslavl team is suing to prevent these players from playing in North America. This problem exists because no Russian-NHL IIHF transfer agreement exists to govern player movement between the leagues. It is expected that Metallurg Magnetogorsk will follow suit with a similar lawsuit regarding Evgeni Malkin of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

These Russian teams don't really want or expect to have the players returned to them. They expect to receive some form of financial compensation for their loss. They are unhappy that the potential transfer deals are for far too low financial amounts and won't sign them. They are looking for courts to set a higher number or to negotiate an out-of-court settlement for more money.

Something needs to be done to end the cold war between the NHL and the Russian leagues. In the end, the Russians will get more money for player transfers or the flow of players from Russia will be fuirther reduced. This is a significant issue that will change the nature of internation hockey relations.

Here is TSN's story on this legal action.

NOTE: The next day, Magnetogorsk has followed suit by suing the Pittsburgh Penguins over Evgeni Malkin. Here is TSN's story about the further lawsuit.

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