Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Buffalo Off To A Fast Start

Its pretty clear that the best team so far this year has been the Buffalo Sabres. They have a 9-0 record (which is more correctly an impressive 6-0-3). They have really been impressive in their last few starts (moreso than their first starts where they were not dominant and relied upon the shootout.

Perhaps the most impressive thing we have seen so far is Buffalo's offence (which leads the league) and is led by Maxim Afinogenov and Tomas Vanek (who are currently the two players in the top 10 scorers with the least shifts per game). Could they score even more with more ice time? Wouldn't that be impressive?

Is Buffalo really the best team in the NHL? Will they win the Stanley Cup? I am quite doubtful. No team is actually as good as they look at their peak and no team is actually as bad as they look at their worst (thats good news Philly). Buffalo looks great in October. October is a long way from playoff time. This start will be a distant memory by then.

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