Thursday, October 26, 2006

Best Goalie Of The Early Season

Its still extremely early in the season, but that won't stop me from trying to identify the best players so far in the year (for example I pick Nicklas Lidstrom as the best defenceman so far). Today, I want to look at goalies.

I think the best so far is the often overlooked star in Minnesota Manny Fernandez. A man who has put up a few very good seasons in a row (enough that his name should start to enter conversations about elite NHL goalies). So far this year, he has a .945 saves percentage, 1.60 GAA and a 6-1 record. All are impressive numbers with the rising Minnesota Wild.

He's never been considered an elite goalie because he has never been a true starter and has shared the dutied with Roloson. Until last season the most games he started in any season was 42. Last year he started 56 because they traded Roloson near the end of the year. He's been great so far this season but he still has to prove he can handle playing 65+ games before we can consider him an elite starter in the NHL. I think he can handle it but we still need to wait and see before we give him the title of elite goalie.
The hell he isn't an elite goalie. I held season tickets to last years game. You should see him in overtime. There is nobody better. Shame his uncle sold him out and traded him to Boston. Backstrom is good, but he will never be Manny. Manny is the best goalie in the NHL and probaby the best lookin too. Oh my...
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