Tuesday, June 06, 2006

If The Canes Win The Cup Easily

I have picked Chris Pronger as the Conn Smythe favorite. Others picked Dwayne Roloson, but in light of his playoff ending injury that now looks unlikely.

The possibilty now exists for a quick series won by Carolina. In light of that should we be picking some Carolina chices? Maybe. I could still imagine Pronger being playoff MVP with a Cane sweep. However should that change, I think the leading candidate from the Canes is Rod Brind'Amour who has contributed defensively and offensively (just like in the regualr season). He currently leads the playoffs in goals. The other close choice is playoff point leader Eric Staal and possibly Cory Stillman. Thus far, Carolina has had a very deep offence in the playoffs.

Edmonton too has received scoring from several players, but they have been far more dependant upon two key players (and one is gone).

All of these choices are deserving and I wouldn't argue against that. What about Cam Ward? He certainly stole a few games in the Montreal & Buffalo series. I didn't see much of the NJ series so I can't comment on that. I would just throw his name in with the rest of this group of players who've performed well enough this post-season to be considered for the award.
If you ask me, Cam Ward was the fourth best of the semi-final goalies. I would pick Roloson, Miller or Bryzgalov before him.

I guess if he won Conn Smythe it would be fitting from the mediocre champs. A mediocre MVP.
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