Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Oilers Upset President's Trophy Winning Wings

In probably the biggest upset of the 2006 playoffs, the Edmonton Oilers defeated the Detroit Red Wings 4-3 yesterday to win their first round series 4 games to two. Edmonton did not look like a good team down the stretch. Despite making several trade deadline deals that had a huge short term benefit (but likely leading to long term pain), Edmonton barely won the eighth and final playoff spot in the west when Vancouver fell apart. Detroit finished first overall in the regular season (though they were benefitted by playing in a weak division). This series looked like it would be one of the more one-sided first round series in the playoffs. I picked Detroit to win as did most observers.

Sometimes hockey games do not turn out the way they are expected to. That is why they play the games. Edmonton rose to the challenge and eliminated the Red Wings.

After the series was over, the biggest party in North America last night broke out on Whyte Avenue in Edmonton. I wish I could have been there.

NOTE: Here is the TSN story on the Edmonton postgame celebrations.

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