Friday, May 26, 2006

Hall of Fame Media Awards

It has become an annual event that during the Stanley Cup playoffs, the Hockey Hall of Fame give out their media award inductions. This year the broadcaster selected was Peter Maher who gets the Foster Hewitt Memorial Award for his work as the radio voice of the Calgary Flames, a position he has held since the franchise arrived in Calgary in 1980. The journalist selected is Scott Morrison who gets the Elmer Ferguson Memorial Award. Morrison is the managing editor of hockey at Rogers Sportsnet. Prior to that, Morrison was the sports editor of the Toronto Sun, a position he rose to in 1991 after several years of work as a columnist and a hockey writer (work he continued during his time as editor). Both are worthy inductees.

On June 28th, the remaining inductees will be announced. Here are my picks for the players who I would induct.

Here is TSN's story about the Hall of Fame announcements.

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