Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Who Is Hot For The Stretch?

The NHL trade deadline is tomorrow. So far, this has not led to any trades. I expect there will be some, but it may not be as busy as fans have become used to in years past. A salary cap is one more constraint that makes trades harder to make.

Instead of jumping into speculation about which players might get moved (why discuss what probably won't happen - when I can discuss what is happening? - if you really need this speculation look at Lyle Richardson (the March 8th trade bait article)), I will take another view. The NHL trade deadline often corresponds with trade deadlines in fantasy hockey leagues. In the NHL or in a fantasy league, ideally one wants to obtain players who are going to play very well in the remainder of the season. The best way to look for these players is to look for players who are hot right now in the NHL.

Here are the top scorers in the NHL since January first of this year. If you can acquire any of these players, likely you are doing very well.

Top NHL scorers in 2006 so far.
Name Team Games Played Goals Assists Points
Joe ThorntonSJ23102434
Alexander OvechkinWas23181432
Eric StaalCar23131831
Jaromir JagrNYR22171330
Jonathan CheechooSJ23161430
Sergei ZubovDal2552530
Andy McDonaldAna23101929
Ilya KovalchukAtl23161228
Marian HossaAtl23131528
Erik ColeCar22171027
Mark RecchiPit25131427
Henrik ZetterbergDet20121527
Alex TanguayCol23111627
Teemu SelanneAna2391827
Pavel DatsyukDet2372027
Henrik SedinVan2562127

Are any of these players available in the NHL or in your fantasy league? Are their prices reasonable? Will any be traded? We will know in a short period of time.

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