Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Shane Doan Sues Liberal MP

When Shane Doan of the Phoenix Coyotes made the Canadian Olympic team, Canadian member of parliament Denis Coderre (Liberal for the riding of Bourassa in northern Montreal) complained. Coderre claims that Doan made a racial slur against referee Stephane Auger in a December 13th game between Phoenix and the Montreal Canadiens. Auger is a French Canadian.

Coderre wrote a letter to Hockey Canada asking for Doan to be expelled from the team unless Doan made a public apology. Doan denies making such a remark.

Doan is now suing Coderre for his "false and defamatory" remarks. Doan is asking for $200,000 in moral damages and $50,000 in punative damages, which he claims he will donate to charity.

I am tolerant towards all forms of trash talk in hockey and do not see the big deal about racial slurs. Presumably, it is alleged that Doan called Auger a "frog" and somehow this is worth this whole circus that would not exist if he merely swore at him.

An even bigger problem is a politician who thinks it is his job to fight this battle. He seem to think that a politican should have any say as to which players are put on the Canadian Olympic Hockey team. It is a waste of time for a politican who should be running the country (maybe this is a good reason to no re-elect Coderre?). I don't know what Shane Doan said to Stephane Auger. Frankly, I do not care. I would not have picked Doan on my team, but if he is chosen I defend his right to be there regardless of anything any politician thinks.

Here is the TSN story about this issue.

Haha, this blog is terrible.

First of all, Doan should clearly have been selected for Team Canada. Check out his point totals and see if he's a contributing member of the team.

Second, as many people pointed out in your blog about racial slurs in hockey, of course they should NOT be allowed. Wow, you're a moron.
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