Sunday, January 15, 2006

Oiler Goalie Woes

The team that could most benefit so far this year with better goaltending is the Edmonton Oilers. Right now, the Oilers have 53 points which would give them eighth place and the final playoff berth in the west. Their defence has done a very good job of preventing the opposition from taking too many shots (in fact Edmonton's 26 shots allowed per game places them second in the league behind on Dallas). This has not translated into a good goals against. Edmonton's 3.09 goals gainst average is a lacklustre eighteenth overall - which is awful given the lack of shots allowed. Their regular goalies Jussi Markkanen (.883 saves percentage) and Ty Conklin (.872 saves percentage) have been among the worst regualr goalies in the NHL so far this year. In fact the strongest string of good games has come from one-time NHL player of the week Mike Morrison who is currently in the minors. If Edmonton could add a legitimate starting goalie without damaging the rest of their core, the team could be dangerous. Until then, they are likely an also ran.

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