Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Lemieux Has An Irregular Heartbeat

Hall of Famer Mario Lemieux has been admitted to hospital because of an irregular heartbeat. He will miss Pittsburgh's game Thursday night vs. Minnesota as a result. Lemieux missed the last two Penguins games due to "the stomach flu". It is unknown if that is related to the irregular heart rate.

Lemieux is likely nearing the end of his career. He has shown signs of decline this season. Lemieux has 21 points in 25 games played so far this season. His -17 +/- rating is second worst in the NHL (only teammate Mark Recchi is worse). If this problem is serious it may lead to Lemieux's retirement. At the very least, it may lead to Lemieux missing the Olympics in February.

TSN's story on this topic is here.

NOTE: Mario Lemieux was discharged from hospital after staying overnight. He has been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation which can be treated with medication and will not likely interupt his career. Lemieux will "take it easy" for 7 to 10 days and if all goes well should then be able to rejoin his team.

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