Monday, December 12, 2005

Kovalchuk Gaining On Top Scorers

Ilya Kovalchuk got a slow start this season as he was in Russia during training camp trying to squeeze a bigger contract from the Atlanta Thrashers. Now that he has had a chance to get started in the NHL he has arguably been the best scorer in the NHL so far this year. Since November 1st, Kovalchuk leads the NHL in scoring with 32 points. This is one point more than the top scorer in the NHL Jaromir Jagr has in this time frame. Its only a matter of time before Kovalchuk works his way to the top of the league's scoring leaders. I think Kovalchuk is the best pure scorer in hockey today. He is also young enough that there should be a few more years before he hits his prime. That is a scary thought.

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