Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Fighting May Be Down But...

Fighting in the NHL is down this season by 42% (vs. 2003/04). Those are the numbers being trumpeted in the media (for example TSN). Gary Bettman makes public speeches showing how this is an example of how the NHL is new and improved.

The question to ask is why is fighting down? Is this a good thing?

It seems the reason that fighting is down is the obstruction crackdown has taken a large part of the hitting and scrambles in the slot and along the boards out of the game. It has taken the physical play out of the game. With no physical play in close quarters, there are many few spontaneous fights. I see this as a symptom of the less physical NHL. I see it as a problem.

Now I do not think that fighting needs to remain in hockey. In fact, I would like to see no talent goons who play only a few minutes a game, rarely score or provide any other value then fighting. Why are people like Wade Belak in the NHL anyway? However, I do like to see a good spontaneous fight in a physical battle between two talented hockey players. This seems to be the fighting that is being removed from the game first.

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