Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Another Stat Showing Ottawa's Dominance

I have written before about how I think the 2005/06 Ottawa Senators are the most dominant team in the NHL in a few years. I believe that the obstruction crackdown is not lasting the whole season, therefore I think the most telling statistics to forecast results for the rest of the season are even strength statistics.

Playing 5 on 5 so far this year, Ottawa leads the NHL with 46 goals so far this year. They also lead the NHL with only 15 goals allowed so far this year. That gives them a ratio of 3.07 goals scored at even strength per goal allowed. That is an incredible number.

The second best 5 on 5 scoring ratio is the New York Rangers. They have 35 goals for and 23 against at even strength. This gives them a ratio of 1.52 goals for per goal against at even strength. This is less than half of the Senators ratio.

To compare with the worst teams in the league, at even strength, Columbus has the worst record. They have only 21 five on five goals scored (league worst) and 35 goals allowed. This is 0.6 goals scored per goal allowed at even strength (or 1.67 goals allowed 5 on 5 per goal scored). This ratio is nowhere near as extreme as Ottawa's. Ottawa's dominance at 5 on 5 is incredible so far this year and will likely put them in a great situation if penalty calls decrease.

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