Monday, October 03, 2005

Pre-Season Final Scoring

Last week, I discussed pre-season scoring. Now that the pre-season has just ended, I think its a good idea to revisit this topic.

The best site for pre-season stats is CBS Sportsline.

The pre-season top scorers are largely people who have something to prove and thus were given longer looks in pre-season play.

The top scorer was Jason Spezza of Ottawa. He was the top scorer in the AHL last year. He is a talented young player who has yet to establish himself as a frontline NHL player (its expected he will this year).

Next came another Senator, newcomer Dany Heatley. He was acquired in the off-season from Atlanta.

The third highest scorer is Philadelphia's Jon Sim, who is an NHL journeyman at best, but has likely won an NHL job.

In the end, the pre-season does not mean much. The players who dominate the regular season may not have much of a pre-season at all.

Enjoyed a lot!
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