Saturday, September 03, 2005

Free Agent Signings for the Last Few Days

There have been a few more signings since my last free agent post.

Jose Theodore has resigned with Montreal. TSN's story is here.

Mike Dunham leaves the New York Rangers to sign with Atlanta. TSN's story is here. He is a solid goalie who is expected to be their backup, taking the spot of the recently retired Pasi Nurminen who recently retired due to a knee injury. Atlanta is relying on a rookie Kari Lehtonen to be their starter, should he not be capable of carrying a franchise yet, Dunham may be thrust into the starter's role.

Pittsburgh signs Lyle Odelein from Florida. He should provide some depth on defence. TSN's story is here. Also, Pittsburgh resigned Ryan Malone. TSN's story is here.

Vancouver signs Brent Johnson from Phoenix. He should be their backup goalie. TSN's story is here. Tom Benjamin disagrees and think Alex Auld will be the Canucks backup. I think that he overestimates the likelihood of Auld being claimed on waivers, although I am a bit uncertain of the new waiver situation in the new CBA, a player like Auld will have to clear waivers to be called up from the minors. Presumably, there is some time period that will have to pass for Auld to clear waivers. Also, presumably, he will not be called up unless there is an emergency like a goalie injury. How is this handled? Will he be allowed to fill in as an injury replacement before clearing waivers? If he isn't allowed what do they expect the Canucks to do for goaltending? This CBA is a mess. Why hasn't the NHL released the CBA to the public yet? Vancouver also resigned Jarrko Ruutu. TSN's story is here.

These signings include more players who are likely going to be higher impact guys this year. Signings have slowed down significantly as most teams have most of their rosters in place. I expect then to further slow over the Labour Day weekend.

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