Friday, August 05, 2005

Free Agent Signings Today

Possibly, this will be the last post of this nature. Possibly, this is the last day where so many signings occur that it is hard to merely keep track of them all and the best I can do is post a list of the major signings with my opinion of them. Probably I will be able to take a step back and look at the big picture of which teams are going to be improved from this frenzy and which will be worse and what is going on with the free agent market as a whole. In the meantime, the free agent inspired roster moves are here: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Here are today's singings:

The biggest signing is Nikolai Khabibulin who leaves the Stanley Cup champs to join the lowly Chicago Blackhawks. TSN's story is here. I guess Chicago may not be a total joke afterall, they may even compete for (and likely lose) a playoff spot.

Nashville signed Paul Kariya from Colorado. TSN's story is here. Kariya is coming off a poor season, but I think he could fit in very well in the Nashville roster.

Toronto signed Jason Allison from Los Angeles. TSN's story is here. If he can recover from injuries, this could work out well for the Leafs. They also resigned Tie Domi. TSN's story is here.

Washington signed 2004 first overall pick Alexander Ovechkin. TSN's story is here. I had earlier speculated here (for example) that he might stay in Europe instead of accept salary restrictions imposed by the new CBA. I was wrong about Ovechkin, but I still think some good Europeans will chose to avoid the NHL under this CBA.

Colorado signed Brad May from Vancouver. TSN's story is here. He will be a role player at best for the Avs.

Jussi Markkanen and Igor Ulanov resign with the Edmonton Oilers. TSN's story is here.

Brendan Morrison resigned with Vancouver. TSN's story is here.

Nolan Pratt resigned with Tampa Bay. TSN's story is here.

Likely signings should slow over the weekend, in part because its the weekend and an part because many of the top available players have already signed. If that happens I hope to step back and take a look at the market as a whole.

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